There are several perks to having a flawless complexion. For one, your makeup glides on smoothly; there are no dry patches for the foundation to cling on or excessive shine that will make it transferable. However, the most important benefit of great skin is simply that – great skin. Once you achieve it, you can flaunt your bare face everywhere, confident in the fact that it’s healthy, blemish-free and plain naturally radiant. Most of us spare no expense in order to achieve this goal, but are frequently unaware of the right steps that will get us there. Well, it’s time to buckle down and learn all about the simple and all around easy hacks that will take your skin places it wants to go.

Plump it up

One thing we’ve learned from the effortlessly striking French girls is to use something as simple as ice cubes in the service of our beauty. The first trick is to massage your skin in circular motions. Not only does ice cool the face but the cooling massage also improves blood circulation, plumps up the skin, not to mention that it does wonders for dark circles and that morning puffiness. Perhaps this little hack will have you reconsider those empty ice cube trays and make you diligent about keeping them stocked.

The things we do for beauty

Don’t you just hate getting a good night’s sleep? All the energy you get, lack of crankiness and boosts of creativity, it’s just the worst. Still, there are certain things we all must do for beauty. All jokes aside, even medical professionals claim that sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. An uninterrupted seven to nine hours give your skin time to recuperate, along with your body, so never again should you neglect the importance of sleep.

It truly does come from within

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ has never resonated more, particularly in the light of a new skincare craze called drinkable skincare. According to the holistic approach to skincare, there has always existed an inextricable bond between the gut and our skin, which means that whatever we put inside our bodies will come to ‘haunt’ us on the surface. If you’re still not ready to try products like drinkable collagen, stick with the tried and tested lemon and water concoctions for flushing our toxins, and definitely give probiotic powder a try. Probiotics have already proven themselves effective at bringing balance to the gut flora, and if they’re good for the body, they will definitely be good for the skin.

Step up your nutrition game

While on the subject of beauty from within, there are tons of foods that go by the name ‘superfoods’. One of their goals is to give you that lit from within complexion, thanks to the abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they’re packed with. And, as each of them is more tasty than the other, implementing them into your diet will hardly be a hassle. They make for great smoothie ingredients, and there are quick and easy recipes for healthy meals as well, so you’re officially fresh out of excuses not to tend to your skin. This of course means steering clear from fatty, sugary and processed foods, but once you go super you will never look back.

Twenty minutes

By now we are all too well familiar with the health benefits of exercise. However, were you aware that just twenty minutes of cardio can do wonders for the ‘above the neck’ area? Exercise increases blood flow, and that blood brings the much-needed oxygen to every part of the body, including the skin. It is then detoxified, and the additional oxygen helps fight free radicals and subsequently promotes collagen production. All of that in just twenty minutes? Get those running shoes out and run like the wind.


Instead of cluttering your bathroom cabinets with pricey topical solutions for your 12-step skincare regimen, take a cue from skincare minimalists and downsize. All your skin truly requires in the morning is a good wash with a gentle (foam or oil-based) wash, and some SPF, and you’re good to go. More is not always more.

Nighty night

To remove all the makeup and outside dirt that has been clogging your pores all day long, turn to a double cleanse. First, put your micelar water to use as step one, and then give your face a good and gentle wash as step two. Now, there might not be a magical solution for the skin, but retinol comes pretty close. Find a skin serum with this vitamin A derivative, and let it recover your skin while you get your snooze time. It’s a bit of an investment, but as you will be able to see, one that is completely worth it. Happy grooming!





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