Morning rituals can be nice, but after a while, the same old cereal or yogurt is just going to become boring. If you agree, you’ll need to reorganize your breakfast menu soon. Another issue is your spare time. You can’t wait for an hour or so to get your meal ready. You need it fast and you need it nutritious. Below are some great breakfast ideas that can be made in under 15 minutes. Check them out before you make that boring toast.

Prepare a smoothie bowl

For this colorful and healthy dish, you’ll need some high-fiber cereal or granola, and a handful of sliced banana, your potassium mine. Another great ingredient you must use is acai. These berries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and fats that are actually good for your heart. You just need to do some blending and mixing before it’s ready to fill the bowl and start your day.

Vietnamese coffee protein smoothie

In case you like to hit the gym in the morning, this combination can be a winner. You’ll need some almond milk, cold chicory coffee concentrate, a few slices of banana and some sweetened condensed milk. This protein smoothie will boost your endurance and you’ll be ready for some flexing.

Mocha protein shake

The usual grande mocha has something around 360 calories, and this protein shake will get you going with just 250 with less fat as well. You’ll need some nonfat milk, half a cup of strong coffee and a few ice cubes. Stir it up in the blender until it thickens, add some casein protein powder and you’re ready to go.

Avocado toast

Here’s another classic revisited. Prepare a few pieces of toast and cover them with avocado paste. Top them with smoked salmon strips and add an egg if you feel extra hungry that morning. You may finish with some radishes or tomatoes, or both. There’s no such thing as too many vegetables.

Chocolate banana protein pancake

Here comes an improved classic. Forget about those old pancake recipes. With just 257 calories per serving and 22 grams of pure protein you’ll be full but light. For this delicious meal, you’ll need one banana (mashed), some ground flax seeds and almond milk. Add these to the standard pancake recipe and you’re done.

Fruit salad with bee pollen

Get ready for something unusual but tasty and healthy. Fill the bowl with chopped berries, plums, cherries and peaches. Everything mentioned is full of antioxidants. Yes, that combination is really everything you need in the morning, but you can enhance it with some bee pollen granules. If you’re new to this, start small and build your way up to a teaspoon.

Breakfast burrito

If you’re craving for some tasty homemade breakfast burrito, search no more. First, you’ll need some fresh tortillas. You can make them by yourself or use the ones from the store. Prepare eggs, some milk, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onions and one cup of shredded cheese. Don’t forget to chop your vegetables and add a pinch of salt and pepper. If you’d like to go an extra mile, cook a few slices of bacon, cut it into small pieces and sprinkle over the eggs.

Blueberry yogurt parfait

This easy dish will provide you with more than a third of your recommended daily calcium intake. You’ll need some fresh blueberries, a couple of graham crackers and two types of yogurt. Fill up your cup with layered ingredients and make yourself a delicious parfait in under 10 minutes.

Kale, egg and cheese scramble

Another easy meal is just 15 minutes away. Break a few eggs, slice some fresh kale, red pepper, and onions. Add some grated cheese of your choice and voila, you got yourself a full plate of vitamins and proteins. This combination will fuel you up before you leave the house.

Almond joy oatmeal

Prepare your bowel and stomach for a treat. In order to make the almond joy oatmeal, you’re going to need a half of cup non-fat milk and the same quantity of water. Get a handful of quick oats, some coconut, brown sugar and a tablespoon of mini chocolate chips. Before you put everything in the boiling water, make sure to slice ½ cup of almonds and add a teaspoon of almond extract if you wish. Once the water is ready, lower the fire and stir the ingredients until the oatmeal is done.


Playing with protein rich ingredients, antioxidants and fiber sources can be really fun. The final product will be a healthy, nutritious meal packed with vitamins and energy. Yes, it is possible to eat healthy fast food since all of the mentioned breakfast ideas won’t take you more than 15 minutes to prepare.

Bon appetit!


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