Z is for… Zac

I remember when I first got Zac. A friend’s dog had recently given birth to five pups and she invited me to see them. I didn’t plan on adopting one but when I laid eyes on little Zac, I fell in love. He was just so cute! Now he is big, he greets me home […]

30 Apr 2016


Y is for… You

You caught my attention The way you moved The way you spoke The way you smiled   The more I got to know The more I fell in love   You are kind You are funny You are sweet You are talented   I want to meet you But what if I’m wrong? I couldn’t […]

29 Apr 2016


X is for… XOXOMAKE

I am going a tad bit off the main theme today. It is still about love and it is a relationship – of me and my blog.   XOXOMAKE is a couple of months older than a year now and I wanted to talk a little about how it came to be! Back in 2010-12 […]

28 Apr 2016


W is for… War

My love, It has been too long since my last letter. I promise I haven’t forgotten you, I am well now and I can only hope you are too. Things have been difficult here but I am positive, we have been doing good. I haven’t heard from Jim and I worry, he was taken for […]

27 Apr 2016


V is for… Visiting

In a couple of hours their home would be filled with young laughter, running and noise. And they welcomed that change, they loved when their grandchildren visited – they were so lucky their daughter had given them three angels – two girls and a boy. Grandma had been busy all week making their rooms ready, […]

26 Apr 2016


U is for… Umbrella

Anna hurdled against the wall, staying away from the torrent. She never remembered her umbrella. “Damn it…” She silently cursed. She needed to get to the subway, it was about two blocks away but the rain was so strong she didn’t dare. Her early night in was officially ruined.   A few moments ago… Rob […]

25 Apr 2016


T is for… Todd

*homosexual content Flight AAL147 landed – the screen said. Jonathan jumped out of his chair and hurried down to the arrival gate. He watched as a stream of people came out and slowly trickled out. He couldn’t stand still, he was anxious, there was so much weighing on the news that Todd would bring. They […]

23 Apr 2016


S is for… Sight

I laid in bed, I could feel him slowly moving besides me, waking up. He turned and hugged me, his breath hit my face with warmth. I felt his hand caress my hair, my waist. My heart skipped a beat. I reached my hand up, I found his face, I felt his features. A sharp […]

22 Apr 2016


R is for… Revenge

You broke my heart, now I will break your soul. You cheated, lied, used me. I loved you, I forgave you and yet you drove us to the end. My heart is hollow and I can’t love anymore, not you, not me, no one! Pay you will, for your sins, but we will be together, […]

21 Apr 2016


Q is for… Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Why do you hesitate? I wait and wait and you don’t seem to care My desesperation only grows Don’t think about it, Just say yes   I just don’t know Is this right? Is this good? Should we?   We are loosing time Thinking, thinking Going back and forth Please, for how long, Will we […]

20 Apr 2016


P is for… Prom

Nina finished curling her hair, making sure she looked perfect for her date that waited downstairs – probably being pestered by her mom. It had to be perfect, she had started dress shopping as soon as Tommy asked her to Prom. She watched like a thousand makeup tutorials and pinned a bunch of hair inspiration […]

19 Apr 2016


O is for… Oscar

When he saw her at the club last night he felt so lucky! She looked so sexy… He only had eyes for her. He had been into her for years now and lately they had started talking again, once in a while she would answer his messages… He felt that he was slowly winning her […]

18 Apr 2016