Painting nails is hard, I don’t know about you but I’m a complete failure painting my nails. Getting the perfect manicure is truly a mistery to me and the struggle is neverending. It was about time a new and easier way to do our nails came along, don’t you think? Well, Nails Inc might have invented the solution to all our problems. Spray Can Nail Polish!

Nails Inc Spray Can

What Nails Inc is saying:

Say hello to The Paint Can – a revolutionary new product. The Paint Can spray on polish is the first of its kind. This new technique applies polish evenly and efficiently in just seconds. With only the additional application of a basecoat, paint can promises you the world’s fastest manicure.

Choose from two punchy colours for winter – pigments that cannot be replicated with regular polish.

Paint can has been designed for those time-poor nail fans who are on the go; simply spray onto the fingertips and the polish adheres to the basecoat. To remove the excess polish, quickly wash away from the skin with water or cleansing wipes. And viola, perfectly applied polish in a heartbeat. Apply topcoat for endured wear and a glassy finish.


But could this really be the solution to beat them all? The last easy-peasy nail polish invention were nail wraps and they have their issues, don’t they? Consider yourself lucky if you can align all of them properly without any creases or bubbles!

Of course, as any new inventions, this isn’t without its fault by what I’ve read online. But either way it’s a great new tool that can only improve!

Are you excited about this innovation? Let me know!




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12 thoughts on “Spray On Nail Polish??”

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  2. Ooooooh, this seems interesting. I’m horrible at painting my nails too so I may give this a try once it’s in stock. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Exactly! Too bad I can’t get it from them directly… hope you get it and have good luck with it! You are welcome, XO.

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