Relaxing & Pampering At Home* graphic

Relaxing & Pampering At Home*

  There’s no way around it. Sometimes it is a bad day at work, other times a bad break up, yet other times you just need a night in to unwind. No matter why you want to pamper yourself, you deserve it! But, you also need the right items to make that night perfect. So […]

Y is for… You graphic

Y is for… You

You caught my attention The way you moved The way you spoke The way you smiled   The more I got to know The more I fell in love   You are kind You are funny You are sweet You are talented   I want to meet you But what if I’m wrong? I couldn’t […]

G is for… Gold graphic

G is for… Gold

As her cream satin dress was zipped up, she looked in the mirror and smiled. No, she might not have the same body as when she first married, but she still felt just as beautiful. She giggled feeling giddy. Today she would be renewing her vows with Albert, her love for 50 years now. They […]

E is for… Eustoma graphic

E is for… Eustoma

He got up that morning with a purpose. It was his wife’s birthday and he had errands to run. He shaved, like he did every morning, put on a suit with old trembling hands and left the house. He got into his car, driving a few blocks to his favorite flower shop. The owner welcomed […]

B is for… Bella graphic

B is for… Bella

  It all started with Bella. I was in Italy, visiting a friend. When she invited me, I said yes right away! Who wouldn’t?! Well, one day when I was exploring by myself, and doing some more shopping, I was passing through a square park when I heard a man’s voice quite close to me saying […]

A is for… Amour graphic

A is for… Amour

Amy twirled in front of the mirror appreciating her outfit. She was on vacation with her long-term boyfriend, Mark, in the city of love, Paris. They had been together for three lovely years now, meeting in the last semester of college, they entered their relationship with a sense of accomplishment in life. Good jobs and […]

How Loving Yourself Can Change Everything graphic

How Loving Yourself Can Change Everything

We live everyday going through challenges thrown at us, be it by other people or ourselves. These challenges can stop us from achieving our dreams, goals and even drive away the people we want near us! We’ve all heard the saying: “You are your worst enemy“. And that is quite true. We can be our […]

Quiz: Should you Break Up or Stay Together? graphic

Quiz: Should you Break Up or Stay Together?

Of course this is a bit of silliness, but all questions are based on bad behaviours in relationships that you do need to keep an eye out. Don’t get comfortable, don’t conform! Be happy. #RelationshipWeek   [playbuzz-item url=”//”]   What were your results? Hopefully not upsetting! XO,  

Couples Answer Questions and Give Honest Advice #1 graphic

Couples Answer Questions and Give Honest Advice #1

This post marks the start of #RelationshipWeek here at XOXOMAKE! I wanted to take cue from Valentines and showcase couples who are making it work, who are in a healthy relationship and want to tell their story and advices to you! Real relationships, their good, their flaws and their love. Brett & EmilyArmando & TiannaKayla [...]