Okay, the title may make it seem like it’s a popular diet out there. It’s not. A friend of my sister’s said she was going to do it (which she didn’t) and showed my sister the menu for the 8 day duration. My mom immediately thought of me because I consume lactose everyday and a lot. The diet is basically milk, cheese, meat and fruits. It would be easy, right?… well that’s what I thought.


On the image above is the menu of what I would be consuming. I will state already that I did not follow this 100%. It’s obviously a very depriving diet and going from full meals to this was too much for my poor stomach to handle happily.

How my 8 days actually went…

(6 cups of milk)

10:00 Woke up later than usual but starting the day with my first cup of milk.

15:00 After an eternity and a nap, I’m having my second milk cup but this time something a bit more dense – diet shake.

18:00 Third cup, plain milk, nothing new.

My sister is making pasta and nuggets. Everything seems so much yummier than my cups of milk and my random impulses on snacking on food is becoming really frustrating to stop.

20:50 Getting hungry, a bit surprise at how long I’m managing between cups!

22:00 Fourth, a cup of diet shake again.

24:00 Fifth and sixth cup of plain milk. Going to bed with a full tummy.  🙂

(4 cups and two fruits)

8:00 Drank two cups of plain milk, I have a long day ahead of me.

My mother was going to do the diet as well but she is lactose intolerant and was only taking lactose free products. For some reason she woke up with a terrible headache and I told her to quit. She felt much better after eating a plate of pasta with scrambled eggs.

9:30 Late to college, in a Taxi, but starting to feel light-headed and off.

Advice: drink lots of water too. It seems easy to skip water because you are drinking a lot of liquid but water intake is very important on this diet.

10:12 Feeling awfully sick, I realize now that it was a terrible idea to do this while I’m recovering from a cold. Damn.. Too late now, I’m not stopping.

11:00 Ordering water and a whole wheat croissant + fruit salad (ate 1/3 of it). Was needing the extra pick me up, and yes, the first official cheat of the diet.

12:00 Feeling SO much better.

14:00 Feeling stronger. Head seems airy but not overwhelmingly so.

19:00 Had two cups of milk left on my diet plan, I chose a small bowl of porridge instead.

(2 cups, 2 fruits and white cheese freely)

8:00 Started the day with porridge. Counting it as two cups

12:00 Self-serve restaurant; banana, white cheese and a cheat slice of ham.

15:00 Grapes

17:00 Pieces of goat cheese for the rest of the day with water.

(4 cups of milk, 1 fruit and 1 beef of 100g)

8:00 Porridge (considered as 2 cups)

10:00 Cheese and Tea (Vicky, I’m sick). I forgot today wasn’t cheese day, oops.

13:00 Dying of hunger, ate a banana and a cup of milk.

19:00 Finally left classes. Eating cheese with water. Starving!

21:00 Grapes. Gaaah flavor. Yes!

21:30 These grapes suck. Hard and have seeds although they are supposedly seedless.  🙁

Feeling lighter overall, can’t wait to weight myself!

23:00 Regular cup of milk before sleep.

Sleeping early is your best friend in this diet. If you are sleeping you don’t feel too hungry. Ps: I read the menu wrong and realized I could have eaten the beef but missed on it. #FAIL but I had cheese, guess…

(2 Cups of milk, 2 fruits, 1 egg and 1 beef of 100-150g)

8:30 Drank two cups of diet shake.

12:00 Left classes and I’m starving again.

13:00 Ate a delicious omelette with onions!

All I can think of right now is…if this diet doesn’t make me lose weight I’m going to be pissed.

17:00 Banana

20:00 Grapes. Craving salt asap.

22:00 Beef! Salt! Delicious.

(2 Cups of milk, 1 fruit, 1 egg, 1 beef of 100-150g and cheese at will)

11:00 Cereal (not the sugary kind). I woke up in a bad mood, I’m eating cereal. The end.

14:00 Omelette

20:00 After a marathon of OISTNB I am hungry. Eating a banana flavored yogurt.

22:00 Beef 150g

Omg apple muffins and pizza?! Are you kidding me! Damn you family…

9:00 Milk mixed with a spoon of cocoa powder

13:00 A yogurt (carrot and honey flavored)

17:00 My omelette of usual.

21:00 Two small pieces of beef and a glass of passion fruit carton juice (out of fruits).

22:00 Banana

(3 cups of milk and 3 fruits)

Wait, what?! This is crazy!

10:00 Two cups of milk

15:00 Yogurt (= 1 cup)

18:00  Grapes

20:30 Big cup of maracuja fruit (= 1 fruit)

23:00 50g of meat (I couldn’t! I was really hungry)

(2 Cups of milk, 1 fruit, 1 beef and cheese at will)

Can someone explain to me why the hell does a diet lasts 8 days? Not 7 days… not 14 days… 8 days! Starting a new week and still being on this god damn diet sucks.

8:00 1 cup of milk

11:00 Porridge

15:00 Orange juice (natural)

18:00 Cheese

20:00 Chicken breast

22:00 pieces of cheese



If you read about my 8 days on the milk diet you probably noticed that it was full of ups and downs…mostly downs. But after all that suffering, did it work? Let’s see;

When I started this I was weighting 90.8kg (or 200,1 pounds) and the morning after my last diet meal I weighted…  87.8 (or 193,5 pounds). I lost 3 kgs!! I was so shocked when I saw the number on my digital scale. And I had been worried that I wouldn’t loose anything… It worked!

Final Considerations

It worked, yes, but there are some ifs and buts we should talk about. A diet like this is starving your body off, so when you go off it, the tendency to go crazy on delicious food is HIGH. Trust me… And your body might gain weight even easier because it is finally getting a normal amount of food. So, you really have to control yourself afterwards too.

For better results you might want to combine a soft cardio routine and weightlifting (it will be beneficial for muscle toning because of the proteins in this diet). Also, don’t forget to drink water like I did. The body needs to be hydrated and if you are only drinking milk… you are going to feel ill. Sleep early and nap, that is the best way not to eat and to stop your natural impulses of snacking on any food laying around.

Of course, needless to say, this diet is not for the lactose intolerant or milk haters (like my sister). But, although I wouldn’t do it the same way again (I would add more food and snacks between meals) it was a good experience in a way because I was able not only to discover the bad eating habits that I have and that I can control them but also that I don’t need to eat a lot to feel full for hours on end. Oh, and that when you are desperate enough even broccoli can look appetizing. Truly!  😮

Next diet post will be a much more balanced meal plan, subscribe to see if it will work just as well, better or worse! Who knows?!

Anyway, will you be trying this crazy diet? Or tried something similar? Let me know down below!




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11 thoughts on “The Milk Diet. Did it work?”

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  2. I had never heard of the milk diet before. I’d have my husband do it but I don’t think he likes the sound of it. Although he has done a soup diet before.

  3. Hey props for you for going all the way. I think you should try the 22 day diet revolution and let us know what you think! Thats my next plan.

  4. Oh God.. I think I would never go for it because I know myself and I know I wouldn;t stand this. There is some food, which is not actually a proper food or meal but makes my stomach full. For example, I can drink coffee for breakfast, and I won’t be hungry until 2pm but if I replaced coffee with a glass of milk, I would go mad 😀 I think the best diet is realizing what food is making you feel full for long time and including more of these in your diet and decreasing the size of other meals we can’t refuse:D I know some people eat just one banana instead of breakfast and they won’t feel hungry, but if I ata banana I would even be more hungry than before 😀



  5. Exactly! And gosh whenever I ate a banana in this diet I felt like it did absolutely nothing to fill me up! Haha, yes. After my current diet ends I will be customizing my own meal plans from what I’ve learned.

    xx, N.

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