These deliciously lush destinations draw people who live a ten-minute drive away, and those who need to fly across the world – they are a hop outside of Sydney, boasting the culture of this iconic metropolis and still

hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city. Craving for a moment to yourself, a romantic getaway or a weekend treat with your besties? Sneak a peek into these opulent nooks and take your pick!

Luxury in the Blue Mountain branches

If glamping for you is the epitome of the best of both worlds, a perfect blend of luxury and pristine nature, then it’s high time you spent a weekend perched atop a sturdy tree, basking in the most captivating view nature could come up with! The Wollemi Wilderness Retreat is a secluded fairytale-like oasis with love cabins on and above the ground, where you’re all but immersed in wilderness.

Hidden in Bilpin in the Blue Mountains, the tree house is covered in windows top-to-bottom and boasts a queen bed, a kitchenette, a romantic fireplace and a spa that overlooks the cascading emerald hilltops of the Blue Mountains. How about a morning swim in the waterfalls? Or a breakfast on the balcony to bask in the first rays of the morning sun? Head to this secret tree house and you’ll have it all!

The finest sips of Hunter Valley

Imagine yourself waking up greeted by the fragrances of ripe fruit and birdsong, a glass (or bottle!) of the local Shiraz waiting and a view to die for. That’s the idyllic scene at the boutique hotel Tonic in Hunter Valley, just a few hours away from Sydney’s CBD, and yet so far from all the rush and noise. Think: modern meets rustic with pure minimalistic comfort of a deluxe hotel room embraced by nature.

Arrive in style with a high-end LimosRus ride straight from Sydney and indulge in the bliss of Australia’s oldest wine region through an intimate, secluded lens. A dip in the hotel’s pool and you’ll wash all your troubles away, book a massage and restore your energy one sip at a time.

Coastal life in style on Whale Beach

Few things can compare to the relaxing, timeless vibe of a beach and the sound of the crashing waves on the shore that would sooth even the most rushing of minds. Therefore, pack your bags and head to Amaroo, a simple yet sophisticated stay in a secluded home where every room overlooks the glorious ocean.

Over half a kilometer in length, Whale Beach is a perfect surfing turf, while you can sit back on the porch and observe the annual whale migrations from May to September. If you plan to bring your kids, they’ll love the game room, and the beach is a never-ending source of fun both for you and your family.

Summer vibes of Palm Beach

Perfect for a slumber party and equally ideal for a groovy weekend escape, the residence of the Pacific Road House just atop the beach is as laid-back as luxury gets. In addition to the three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, the airy dining area will inspire your inner gourmet, and the trampoline in the yard is bound to bring out your playful side.

Swim, surf and sunbathe to your heart’s content, because this vibrant stay is all about never-ending summers and laugh-filled days of basking in the warm ocean breeze. You might find it difficult to leave the sunny terrace, but golden Palm beach will make it worth your while.

Byron Bay’s all-around splendor

You’ll be in seventh heaven with Byron Bay Ballooning, soaking up the lush greens of Byron Bay and the breathtaking sun-sprinkled blues of the horizon. If you’re more of a down-to-Earth type of person, then the coastal stretch of this region surely has plenty to offer – from Wategos beach, whale-watching, a foodie scene for all appetites, all the way to stunning coastal walks, you’ll fall in love in a matter of moments.

Gaia Retreat and Spa is every beauty-fan’s fantasy, pampering in every shape and form, so that you can restore your energy and revitalize your spirit with their authentic organic skincare treatments and massages. For another unforgettable beach base, stay at the Byron Bay Villa just above the Wategos beach, and revel in the relaxed boho beauty mixed with contemporary comfort and style.

Safe travel!


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