I’ve known about Dermarollers for years now, but as someone terrified of needles, I never considered using it. However with the years I’ve noticed not only an increase in fine lines but, thin skin, cellulite and stretch marks too. After researching I decided the benefits of a Dermaroller outweighs my fear and can be a wonderful solution for those pesky issues. Let’s learn more about it!

What is a Dermaroller?

Dermarollers are the devices used in a micro-needling treatment. The roller is covered with multiple needles that are tiny and medical grade. Applying gentle pressure, the device is rolled over the surface of the skin to make tiny punctures. These tiny wounds cause the skin to react by producing cell repairing collagen and elastins. The skin thickens and plumps as a result of this treatment.

Other tools for micro-needling that you might use are a Dermapen or Dermastamp. The Dermapen has only a few needles on it that are pressed into the skin whereas the Dermastamp has a cluster of needles on the end. These are used when a very small area is being treated and precision is needed in the application.

Enhancing the treatment

The micro-needling process has an additional benefit. The skin readily absorbs collagen or vitamin enhancing serums for a short time after treatments. While cosmetic clinics offer a wide variety of procedures for skin rejuvenation, from radio therapy to aesthetic lasers, no other type of procedure can do that.

Using the Dermaroller

1. Before a treatment, you need to gently wash your skin to remove any bacteria from the surface and reduce the chance of an infection occurring. This will also remove any makeup or toxins from the area to be treated. Look closely at the skin to make certain there are no injuries present and no breakouts.
2. Gather all the items you will be using during the treatment such as moisturizers, topical anesthetics, and enhancing serums.
3. The Dermaroller, the surface where your tools are being kept, and any items you may touch need to be cleaned and sterilized. This is imperative to avoid contamination.
4. Apply the topical anesthetic to the skin area to be treated if needed, allowing time for it to take effect.
5. Using the Dermaroller, apply just enough pressure to allow the micro needles to penetrate the skin. Start by rolling upwards and downwards, then by going left to right and back. Next, apply diagonally and once more in the opposite direction.
6. Apply enhancing serum immediately after
7. Clean the Dermaroller and surfaces again.

Post treatment skincare
After your Dermaroller treatment, you can help to keep your skin healthy by doing the following:
• Use sunscreen with a good SPF of 30 or better to prevent further sun damage
• Avoid smoking to prevent premature aging of the skin
• Moisturize when skin is dry
• Reduce breakouts by keeping the skin clean and pores unclogged
• Eat a healthy diet. What we consume has a lasting effect on our body and that includes the skin.

Do you have the courage to try dermarolling?!




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