There’s no way around it. Sometimes it is a bad day at work, other times a bad break up, yet other times you just need a night in to unwind. No matter why you want to pamper yourself, you deserve it! But, you also need the right items to make that night perfect. So these are a few of the must have items, for your pamper night.

A Bath

Start off with a bubble bath. Your favorite soaps, scented candles and a nice relaxing “spa” retreat in the home. Nothing will make you feel better than relaxing, relieving your mind, and relieving your body from the stress it has been feeling.

Candles & Music

Your favorite tunes, scented candles, and the right ambiance, can make anything feel better and look better. Whether you prefer slow jams, want to dance to your favorite songs, or just want to cry to your favorite love songs, make sure you choose the music you love. And, have the proper ambiance, the nice scents, and that illuminating light, to help you relax during your night in.


Whether it is peppermint, green tea, or any other blend you prefer, this is the perfect way to kick back, and alleviate stress. It allows you to clear your mind, totally relax, and will allow you to immerse yourself in the things you want to think about, or stop thinking about, for the evening.

Beauty Essentials

Your favorite nail polish, facial mask, exfoliating cleanser, and anything else you like to apply, should all be ready to go. Remember you are doing this for you, so choose things which make you feel pretty and make you feel appreciated. Not for anyone else, but for yourself.


Sometimes you need to forget the diet, and crack out your favorite pint of ice cream, or a pizza. Choose something you love, truly dig in, and don’t allow yourself to feel the guilt. You can get back on that diet the next morning! But make sure you do.

Movie Night

Putting a film on is another great way to relax after work. Put on your pjs, chill out on the sofa and put a good film on and eat lots of junk food. Sometimes it can be hard to find a film you like as well as the people you are with. But when in doubt, this WhichMovieNext might help! You are able to go on the site and type in films you like and it will show you films similar to the ones you have entered!


Regardless of why you have chosen to pamper yourself, the right things will make you feel much better in no time. So plan for the evening in with yourself, find the things you love, and truly allow yourself to let go of your stresses, and enjoy!!




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