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It’s the golden time of the year when we’re all rushing to try the latest hot chocolate infused with red peppers and hurtling towards the orange and yellow dominated parks all around. There’s nothing like fall walks with the crisp crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, accompanied by the fresh breeze of the chill winds and the awareness that, yes, as the Starks would say, winter is coming.

But your indoors can reflect this spirit of fall as much as the outdoors is clad in rich pumpkin hues, so get ready to spice up your space and bring out the warm vibes of this transitional season with the help of these five toasty tips!

Warm up your palette

Summer and spring usually call for a range of cooler, light tones that evoke a feeling of open space, plenty of fresh air and help you bring down the room temperature with darker, contrasting accents. This is, on the other hand, a perfect opportunity to change the predominant color scheme into a warmer range of pastels, along with sunny warm and cocoa-infused shades.

A new carpet and a few new drapes can completely alter the look and feel of any room in your home, so make sure you pick the shades that best represent the spirit of fall, as well as your own décor preferences. Think deep red shades of brick, olive greens, chocolate and wooden brown as well as sunset orange. Add a hint of royal blue or leafy yellow, and your space will resemble a nature-laden escape in no time!

Comfort Everywhere

Your makeover doesn’t have to limited to a single room or concept, in fact, the more you think “fall” thoughts, the more your home will feel like a safe haven. For instance, you can use this time to cover your rooms with comfort from top to bottom, and those orange drapes that you’ve introduced to your living room make for a great start.

But don’t neglect your floors, and your regular sitting areas, including your couch, sofa, armchair and even your dining room table, they could all use a blanket or two, and some cozy Brentwood faux fur throw-pillows. Comfort comes in many shapes and forms, so thinking outside of your typical decorating box can lead to unconventional solutions – cuddling up on the floor can be all the more enjoyable with floor pillows, while a fluffy rug next to your fireplace can serve as a perfect reading area.

Fragrances of fall

Ever since the first school bell rang at the start of September, we’ve all felt the strange urge to sharpen our pencils and open up a few books, thus spreading a distinctly warm wooden scent that reminds us of curiosity, cocoa, and croissants for breakfast. You can add that same feeling of innocence and dreaming with the help of Wedgwood fragrant oil diffusers that spread the aroma of sandalwood, creamy vanilla, amber, cedar and patchouli throughout your space.

A few old-school pots of homemade potpourri can also add a note of fall to every room in your home. Vanilla, once again, makes for the all-time favorite choice, while adding a dash of cinnamon and some zesty orange are a perfect mix for a feeling of fall.

A seasonal menu

When it comes to food, flowers and table setting, fall truly shines in all its splendor and glory! Make the most of the season by regularly bringing a fresh centerpiece of seasonal flowers, such as sunflowers, Iberis, chrysanthemums and Celosia, all of which come in a wonderful scheme of fall colors.

As for your kitchen cabinets and your fridge, fall fruits and veggies are a godsent and a dream-come-true for all professional interior designers. Fresh apples, grapes and pomegranates (for those lucky enough to reside in warmer climates) will elevate the look of any dining room table and simultaneously spruce up your healthy eating habits.

Dreamland touch-ups

As for your sleeping nook, a little can go a long way in bringing the essence of fall into your bedroom. A few scented candles on the bedside cabinet, a couple of new throw pillows in the colors of fall and bedding that will give you warmth and comfort are the go-to strategies to achieve this effect.

Bulky, thick and ethnic-patterned blankets combined with a heavy comforter and a fresh set of linens will serve as a seasonal upgrade that adds texture, tone and warmth to your bedroom. A nice touch would be light drapes that will let in plenty of natural light, to avoid making the room feel stuffy, but soothing and serene.




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    I really loved your post! I love fall precisely because of the coziness that comes underlined with it! A good fluffy rug is just perfect to give to a room that cozy fall-ish vibe 😉

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